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As a professional organizer, you know the power of smart strategies. Growing your client base is crucial, and SEO is your ticket to reaching clients who are ready to swipe their credit cards and get on your calendar ASAP. Unlike social media, where algorithms can be fickle and most users aren’t there to buy, SEO puts you directly in front of those actively searching for your services.

Imagine your website as a beautifully organized space. With targeted keyword research and strategic placement, we’ll make sure your site stands out in Google’s search results. This means more clients finding you at the right time—when they’re ready to invest in your expertise and book your services.

Don't sleep on SEO!

What is


When was the last time you clicked to the second page of Google’s search results? Exactly, we can’t remember either.

Think of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, as organizing your website for maximum visibility. It’s all about using elements like keywords, meta tags, and media optimization to boost your site’s ranking in search results. Just like a well-organized space makes it easy to find what you need; a strong SEO strategy ensures your business is the first thing potential clients see. More organic traffic means more clients ready to book your organizing services. What’s not to love?

tired of being buried in search results?

Between decluttering closets, arranging pantries, managing client schedules, shopping for product, posting on social media, and trying to have a personal life, optimizing your website is the last thing you want to do.

Hi, that's where I come in! 
As a former organizer, I understand the demands of the industry. My one-time SEO service will audit your website’s current performance, identify cluttered areas, and streamline your SEO strategy so your website shines and attracts clients who are eager to get organized.

Make Your Website the Star of the Show

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You struggle to reach interested clients in your area

Does Any of This Sound Familiar? 

You rely heavily on referrals for new business, because your inbox isn’t as full as you’d like it to be

Your website is nowhere to be found when you search for your primary keywords

You simply can’t wrap your head around SEO and all that it entails

If you’re nodding along, it’s time for a change.

Phase 1: collect the data

First, you'll provide me with some helpful data such as where you are located, some of your competitors, your service offerings and share access to your website.

How it works


Phase 2: analyze the data

We start with a site audit to see if there are any issues with your current website like broken links. Then we dive deep into keyword research in your local area, noting your competitor’s keywords as well. Once the research is complete, we use those insights to make the necessary changes directly to your website. 

How it works

getting started

Phase 3: optimization

Once your SEO website transformation is complete, I’ll provide you with a detailed Google Sheet where you can track your website’s performance and progress. You’ll also receive a Loom video recording from me detailing all of the keyword data we collected, how we optimized your site, and how to track your progress moving forward. 

How it works

set in motion

the right seo strategy will:

Increase your rankings in search engine results pages

Connect you with ready-to-buy clients in your area

Increase your brand awareness and credibility

Produce a more efficient, accessible website

Enable you to scale your business in record time

Let’s Begin

have questions?

I've got answers

How long does the process take?

It typically takes us 2 weeks to complete your audit and site optimization.

Do you provide ongoing SEO Support?

No, this is a one-time setup service with no on-going support.

Will you make recommendations regarding my website? 

Yes! User experience matters in SEO, so we will make any recommendations to help you improve your overall user experience. However, we are not website designers and will not make design changes to your site.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Many factors go into SEO and while we try our best to ensure your website makes it to the first page of Google, we cannot make any guarantees. It takes a few months to see the full impact of SEO efforts.

What’s Included

Discover the keywords your prospective clients are using.

Keyword Research

Meta titles and descriptions, created and implemented. 

meta tags

Track your progress so you can take the reins on your SEO moving forward.

seo tracking sheet

Learn what your competitors are doing, then do it better.

Competitor Research

Organize your website content with the appropriate heading tags.


Audit and optimize your Google Business Profile to increase performance.

gbp optimization

Pinpoint exactly what’s working, and more importantly, what isn’t.

Site Audit

Include your location, so buyers know the exact areas you serve.

website footer update

Improve the quality of your images and increase your website speed.

image optimization

Boost your backlinks with the creation of 200 Free Business Listings.

free business listings

Proceed with confidence with a detailed recording outlining the SEO process.

process recording

scale with


One single payment, one game-changing solution.


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Turn your website into a client magnet with savvy SEO strategy

Spark joy in your business and your life with an optimized website. What are you waiting for?

With the Organizer for Organizers 

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