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Elevate Your Client Experience

Your clients seek you out when they' re at their limit—exhausted, overwhelmed, and craving organization. In these moments, delivering a calm and refined client experience isn't just nice to have—it's essential. With Dubsado, you can ensure every interaction feels personal and polished.

Attention to detail transforms good into great. A smooth, professional client journey not only impresses but also sets your services apart as truly premium. Make every client feel like a VIP from the very first contact.

With Dubsado, Every Client is a VIP 

What is


An all-in-one client experience and project management solution, Dubsado is the one- stop-shop you’ve been looking for. Say goodbye to juggling platforms and managing priorities and say hello to a single streamlined solution that empowers you to take your business to the next level.

Go from Cluttered and Chaotic to Streamlined and Stress-Free

Managing a full roster of clients is no simple task. And that’s before we even get to the organizing part!

This signature service sets you up with the evergreen systems you need to provide a top-notch client experience, without getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

With Dubsado Done for You 

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You struggle to keep up with the inquiries flooding your inbox

Does Any of This Sound Familiar? 

Certain tasks slip through the cracks, like following up on invoices or requesting testimonials

You regularly spend hours grinding through administrative tasks

You lack the time and tools needed to track performance and grow your business

Phase 1: set the stage

To begin, you’ll complete a workflow collection form that tells me all about your business
as it stands. I’ll use this to learn about the inner workings of your brand, your packages,
and most importantly, your vision for how you’d like to transform your client experience.

How it works

Collect It

Phase 2: Workflow Creation

Together, we’ll map out your ideal client journey from the time of inquiry, all the way through to the off-boarding process. This is where my workflow expertise meets your unique business needs, so we can work together to craft a custom solution.

How it works


Phase 3: time to build

Once it’s all mapped out, it’s time to implement. I'll work to craft your custom canned emails and design your branded forms, producing an aesthetic and cohesive collection of branded client materials. You’ll also receive progress reports, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

How it works


Phase 4: learn the systems

With your system transformation, it’s time to train you on your new and improved
workflows. Ask any and all questions needed to gain clarity and feel confident with your new operations – feeling comfortable is key!

How it works

Learn It

Phase 5: Off You Go!

Now you’re ready to get out there and put your new systems into action. I will provide
you with support for 30 business days following your setup to ensure all goes smoothly
and answer any questions you might have. Helpful video tutorials are included!

How it works

Use It

Imagine a Business Where every Detail is Perfected:

Onboard and offboard clients with a process so seamless they can't help but be impressed. 

Boost your revenue and speed up results as leads flawlessly convert, with none falling through the cracks. 

Leave an indelible mark at every point of the client journey, ensuring memorable interactions that set you apart.

Navigate your business with newfound clarity and confidence, mastering your daily operations effortlessly.

Enjoy the ultimate peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that every aspect is meticulously managed.

With the right systems, this can be your new reality—not just a dream.

Let’s Begin

have questions?

I've got answers

How long does it take to get setup?

Our turnaround time is typically 2-3 weeks from our kick-off call.

What if I need help with my process and pricing? 

No problem, I can help. Much of this process is collaborative. I am always happy to offer suggestions based on what I've seen work well in the industry. 

I don't have a professionally branded website or images. Can we still work together?

Yes. While we do strongly encourage our clients to get professional branding, web design, and brand images it is not a required. However, it is important to note that we can only design forms based off the materials you provide us. Therefore, if we don't have much to work with your forms will be simple with a logo at the top.

What if I already have my forms and emails designed and written and I just need help with automations and optimizing my account? 

We can help with that. Rather than book a full HoneyBook setup, you can schedule a 1:1 session so we can work together to optimize your CRM. (please hyperlink the 1:1 Session words so if clicked it goes to that page).

How do I know if Dubsado is the right CRM for me?

Both Dubsado and HoneyBook are wonderful CRMs but they certainly have differences. Take the quiz HERE, to find out which one might be the best fit. Still not sure, let's chat about it, and I'll give you my recommendation based on your needs.

What’s Included

Create a custom workflow solution, built just for you. 

Workflow Mapping Call 

Stay in the know with weekly status reports. 

video progress reports

Custom canned emails, written to perfection. 

canned email creation

Let me turn your dream workflow into a reality. 

workflow creation

Enjoy the ability to connect and automate other tools. 

zapier integration

Branded form design to give you a curated, cohesive brand image. 

form design

Dubsado Scheduler, all set up and ready to roll. 

appointment scheduler

Receive detailed training on Dubsado and your brand-new workflows. 

workflow training call

Post-project support, in case there’s anything you’re unsure about. 

30-day support

"Amber has made the backend of my business flow infinitely easier! In just an hour and a half she automated, adjusted, optimized and simplified my Dubsado setup that I had been struggling to refine myself. I am so grateful for her service and it is wonderful to have her as a resource to help streamline other aspects of my business as I continue to grow. Thank you, Amber!"

- Lisa S. Simplify Studio

"Working with Amber has been such a great experience! She not only showed me Dubsado from top to bottom, she also educated me on the in's and out's so that I had a fool-proof understanding of the program, which helps me stay sooo organized for my business! It was the best investment I've made thus far in continuing to improve the way I not only run my business but the services I then provide to my clients. Get Dubsado and use Amber if you are a service-based business."

- Krista C. Room Therapy Organizing

"Beyond worth the money. Amber helped fix our already existing Dubsado system. In real time we were able to see the great improvements she made! She connected Zapier and wrote Zaps to take our processes to the next level. I HIGHLY recommend."

- Laura E. Organized By Ellis

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One single payment, one game-changing solution. 

Two payments, $1,750 each.  

$500 up front, then
$330/month for 10 months

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Transform Your Business with Dubsado Done for You 

Optimize your workflows to optimize your business – and ultimately, your life. Are you ready to take the plunge? 

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