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Online Operations Manager for Professional Organziers

Get in on the ground floor

While I love building out custom CRM solutions for my clients, my reach only extends so far. I have been craving a way to better serve my clients that need help beyond their client management system and I've finally figured out how... introducing my brand new Online Operations Manager service. 

This service will allow me to look at your business in a more holistic way, see where the holes are, and help you navigate those obstacles so you can reach your business goals.

This is the first time I am offering something so comprehensive, and I expect it to evolve over time. By joining me now, you'll be getting in on the ground floor and tailoring this service to your unique business needs.

No "one size fits all" here

A Personalized Partnership for Success

I'm Amber, a Systems & Workflow Strategist on a mission to empower Professional Organizers to effortlessly scale and grow their businesses. My journey in the organizing world began with the challenges I faced while running my own organizing business, Arranged by Amber. In just three months after its launch, I was fully booked out, and very quickly realized the need for systems to handle client demand and prevent burnout. Over time, I developed effective workflows that not only kept my business thriving but also ensured a seamless experience for my clients, keeping them coming back for more. Today, I've has helped more than 75 organizers translate the inner workings of their businesses into efficient and effective workflows in order to optimize their back-office operations and unlock their full earning potential.

Amber Barrett

Meet your Ops Manager

"Much like how our clients are investing in us to organize their lives (and we know what a huge difference it makes in their lives), investing in Amber is hands down the best decision you can make! She has the personal experience of how our niche field operates, what it needs to grow, and how it functions on the business side! She is very tech savvy and knows how to create opportunities for clients to continue working with you and how to really WOW your new potential clients! Our proposals, invoices, contracts are WAY more aesthetically pleasing after Amber got a hold of them! I love all the automations and emails she put in place for us! She saved us so much time! You'll LOVE working with her!"
Shelf-Esteem Organizers

Membership/Mastermind Management
Data Collection & Conversion Tracking
Launching & Promotion



Affiliate/Referral Partner Management
Commission Payouts

Affiliate Partners


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Website Updates
Blog Writing
Social Media Strategy
Email Marketing



Scheduling & communicating with team
Creating SOPs
Managing team member reschedules
Hiring & onboarding new members

Team management


Phone consults and virtual consults
Calling leads back/following-up

lead Nurturing


Creating workflows, forms, & emails
Preparing and sending estimates
Conversion optimization

CRM Management


What's on The Menu

Retainers start at 10 hours a month for $1000


"Amber is incredible! So smart, proactive, and is the best problem solver to have in your court. She’s a wizard in her field, and highly recommend."
Simply Luxe

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No problem! This service is meant to be custom to your business needs. If that means you need more than 10 hours each month, we can create a custom retainer to fit your needs! 

What if I need more than 10 hours a month?

Yes, a 3 month commitment is required for this service. 30 days notice is requited to cancel your retainer.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes, you can certainly hire a Virtual Assistant (VA), but VAs typically provide general services and often require training on how to effectively use your systems. Here's where I come in: I've dedicated the past four years to building Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, operational tools, and automations designed exclusively for Professional Organizers. Plus, I used to be an Organizer so I understand the industry's ins and outs.

Can't I just hire a Virtual Assistant?

Let's talk about it! Like I mentioned, this servie is not a one size fits all. I truly want this service to be customized to your goals and needs. While I can't promise I can do every single thing you need, we can discuss what your priorities are and I'll be honest about if I can help or not. The only things I will NOT handle are graphic design and Google or social media ads.

What if I need help with something not listed on the menu?

You will have the option to roll up to 2 hours over to the following month. 

What If I don't use all of my hours each month?