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Looking for same day delivery for your brand new system? Challenge accepted!
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Not only do I do it well, but I do it fast.

I help you handle your leads and provide consistent and scalable results, giving you the highest ROI possible.

New to client experience and business organization?

It’s Friday night…and you’re still glued to your laptop trying to onboard a new client.

» You know you can charge more but what is missing is a high-end client experience to support that.

» You’ve avoided the system work because it's intimidating and you don’t have time to figure out the tech stuff.

» You’ve jotted down some notes for the things you “should” do to improve your client experience but it’s been a struggle to get it done because you don’t know where to start or the right sequence of doing things.

(with The Home Edit playing in the background, of course!)

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don't worry. you're in the right place.

You’re a pro at color coding, labeling, and navigating the Container Store aisles - why do you have to suddenly be a top-notch IT gal now, too?

Maybe you’ve spent countless hours trying to respond to inquiries, schedule appointments, onboard clients, ask for testimonials, etc. 

Or maybe you’ve signed up for free trials with the hope of finding the best tool for your business...but the next thing you know, you’re using 15 different software to complete a single task.

Look, I get it. It’s confusing.

introducing . . .

My VIP one-on-one program where I’m able to get my hands on your business, build out your system, and help you elevate your client experience so that you can finally book more clients on autopilot without costing more of your precious time and brainspace.

Dubsado In A Day

that a pro is handling all the details
(I make sure stuff gets done well and correctly)

(are you ready to book clients faster and easier?! You’re only a day away)

in what’s going on in your business
(let me introduce you to your new streamlined system)

Bigger revenue
and faster results

Clarity and confidence

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peace of mind

You can have all of this...

Never cringe again when you look at the backend of your business! You’ll be able to turn leads into clients in less time. You’ll also receive a video walkthrough of your new system, as well as 30 days of email access to me in case you have any questions. 

step three: Streamline your performance & management

The best kind of system set-up is the done-for-you kind of set-up. You share your goals and I will take care of the rest. This includes initial set-up, organization, and testing while you enjoy a cup of coffee on me!

step two: structure your processes.

Prior to your VIP day, I’ll lift up the hood and take an in-depth, 360 degree look at your client journey to assess what’s happening and what needs to be done. I’ll also review your questionnaire and map out your client process so we can hit the ground running on the day of.

step one: strategize a plan.

How I do it

Let’s be honest: there are too many that you can’t even remember exactly what they’re called.

Dubsado is a Client Relationship Management (CRM) software designed to streamline your projects from start to finish. It helps you meet your clients right when they’re READY to book your services. What that means for you is that Dubsado allows you to book clients on autopilot while giving your clients a high-end experience at the same time.

At Arranged by Amber, I strategically use Dubsado to elevate your client experience by optimizing your customer journey, creating workflows + automation, and positioning you as a trusted professional. 

How many tools and platforms are you using right now?

An all-in-one platform is within reach.

“The best investment I have made in my business this year! I neglected the back end of my business because it was a mess & overwhelmed me. I didn’t know where to start to make it better. After working with Amber things are so much simpler & streamlined for both me & my clients.”

- Kim G.

What you're looking for is this...

A client experience like no other that wows your leads and clients from the first point of contact to leaving you a killer review.

Email & form templates that communicate the essence of your brand, as well as save you precious time.

An easy-to-use platform that keeps all your client-related information in one place.

» A comprehensive map of client journey 
» Creation of workflow for one signature service to match the client journey 
» Creation of canned emails 
» Uploading contract and creating all your forms
» Creation of packages and payment schedules
» Setup of appointment types and schedulers
» Basics + Settings
» Portal Setup
» Recorded 1:1 Zoom walkthrough training on how to best use Dubsado and your unique set-up
» 30 Days of Email Support
» Bonus: Client Gifting Guide

The Breakdown

You can expect to hear from me by the end of our time together. Get ready to enjoy your brand new system. 

Happy Hour Wrap-Up

You get to sit back and relax while I put everything together behind the scenes. 

Mid-Day Work

Up to an hour call to review & discuss your goals.

Morning Kick-Off

Upon booking, we’ll kick things off with an in-depth questionnaire, followed by my initial review and audit of your systems, workflows, customer journey, etc. 

What’s included in your VIP Day:

Instead of setting up your system someday, let’s get it done in 1 day!

frequently asked questions

Do you offer payment plans?

Totally! My payment plan ensures that my services are accessible for every biz owner who needs help with their CRM or system. 50% is due upon booking to secure your spot on my calendar, and the remaining is due 2 days before the start date. 

What if I have more than one service & need more workflows?

During our initial call, we'll uncover if your services can fit into one VIP day. If you need multiple workflows, you’ll have the option to add-on a half-day or second-day at the respective rate. 

What do you need on my end to ensure VIP Day success?

I will provide you with a list of content (i.e. packages, pricing, questions on your forms, etc.) needed for your workflow. Once I have all of the content from you, I’ll begin mapping out your client process and putting all the pieces together for you. 

Can’t I just hire a general virtual assistant to do the tasks for me?

In my opinion, streamlining your systems should be the first step to outsourcing because it ensures you won’t be wasting money on outsourcing tasks that can be automated. When your business backend is a hot mess, it’s hard to pinpoint where you actually need support. However, a streamlined system allows you to get clear on your strengths and weaknesses so you can strategically hire team members in the future, if needed.

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investment: $2000

Ready to feel less scattered and more streamlined?