Dubsado for Professional Organizers

If you want to be known as a luxury organizer, you must provide a luxurious client experience!

let me introduce you to dubsado

If you are charging a premium price for your services, then you must provide a premium experience to match. You wouldn’t buy a Ford for the price of a Mercedes-Benz right?

The key to creating a VIP experience for your clients is to make it simple & easy.

Why? Because clients are most likely coming to you already feeling stressed, burnt out, and in need of desperate help. They don’t want to jump through hoops in order to hire you. The process of working with you should be streamlined and simple. 

Dubsado is an all-in-one system that allows you to manage leads, client projects, emails, invoices, contracts, appointments, and so much more all under one roof. Instead of using many tools like Acuity, Hello Sign, Google Docs, Drive, PayPal, and more, Dubsado has everything you need all in one place.

it doesn't have to be this way

You’re struggling to manage and respond to all of the inquiries flooding your inbox.

You are constantly sending back and forth emails trying to schedule consults and sessions with clients, and forget to follow up if you haven’t heard back.

You are spending hours creating proposals and sending contracts.

You forget to remind clients of upcoming or even past due invoices.

You never remember to ask for a testimonial.

You forget to check in with past clients to see if they could use your services again.

You don’t have a referral program and are missing out on new clients.

You are currently tracking clients in a Google spreadsheet or with pen and paper and forget to update things.

You have no way of tracking where your customers are coming from and what packages are the best sellers.

my 2-week signature service will transform your business from cluttered and chaotic, to streamlined and stress-free.

Introducing Dubsado Done-for-You

As a previous professional organizer, I know the challenges that come with managing a full roster of clients. Your goal is to provide the best experience you can for your clients, and not get bogged down by the day-to-day administrative tasks that you don’t love.
It’s time to automate to elevate and turn your workload into workflows! 

Here's how the process works

Phase 1: Collect It

Before your project starts, you’ll receive a workflow collection form so I can learn all about your business, your packages, branding, and your vision for how you want your new client process to be.


Phase 2: Map It

We'll kick off your project with a workflow mapping call to map out your ideal client process from inquiry to off-boarding. You’ll get to watch me create workflows right before your eyes based on your particular business needs.

Project Start

Phase 3: Build It

After mapping day, I will implement the workflow steps we mapped out by creating your custom canned emails and designing your forms so that your client process is beautifully branded and ready to use. You'll also receive progress reports with video sneak peeks to keep you in the loop!

Project build

Phase 4: Learn It

After your setup is complete, we'll meet for a workflow training and review call to walk through your workflows. This will provide you the opportunity to ask questions in order to gain clarity about how your workflows operate so you feel confident you are using them properly.

Project compplete

Phase 5: Use It

After your workflow training call, you'll receive 30 business days of support so I can answer any questions you might have as you start using your brand new system. Questions will be answered within 24 hours, and often include helpful video tutorials to ensure your question is answered. 


You started your business because you have a passion to help others, love to organize, and think The Container Store is heaven on earth. You didn’t sign up for confusing tech, late nights, or being chained to your inbox 24/7.

starting investment


2 Payments of $1,750 OR
$500 down then $300/month

Payment Plans Available

*Dubsado subscription not included

Here's what's included

Strategize your process from start to finish

workflow mapping call

Setup of all the workflows needed to automate your process

workflow creation

Copywriting of all canned emails

canned email creation

Setup of Dubsado Scheduler

appointment scheduler

Setup zaps to connect and automate other tools

Zapier integration

Custom branded forms

form design

Stay in the know with weekly status reports

loom video progress reports

Learn how to use Dubsado and your workflows

offboarding workflow training call

In case you get stuck or need small tweaks.

30 days of post-project support

it's possible to have all this

Clarity and confidence about what's going on in your business.

The ability to leave a great impression from the moment someone inquires with you.

An incredible onboarding & offboarding experience that wows your clients and turns them into raving fans that refer you time after time.

Bigger revenue and faster results because leads will never slip through the cracks.

Peace of mind knowing that a pro is handling all the details to ensure your workflows are getting done right so they can start working for you. 

With a streamlined system working for you,

kind words

- Kim j.

It is an investment to have someone setup this system but it is worth every single penny. Amber made the process easy, streamlined, and dare I say fun?? It was a pleasure working with her."

- Lexi A.

“My favorite part about working with Amber was the follow-up support. It has been amazing. I feel like this is where the rubber meets the road. Before working with Amber I was struggling with time management and reaching back out to clients for follow-ups. She has solved these problems for me. I am no longer having to check my email and calendar in the evenings to schedule consults with clients. They receive an automatic response which makes them feel like they are one step closer to an organized life!"

I've got answers!

got questions?